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The Amazing & Growing ROI of the KPI Analyzer Assessment for SAP ERP


Hidden IT ROI Opportunities Series

Contributed by: Jim Villwock, KPI Analyzer Leader, Human Investment Advisory, Inc.

The Ongoing ROI of the KPI Analyzer App for the “As-Is” Assessment for ECC and S/4HANA landscapes typically starts at 400% …and can grow to unbelievable levels.

First, we are not talking about the ROI for an entire migration service or the ROI for an entire company. We are talking about the KPI Analyzer Total ROI that can easily exceed 1,000%.

Our initial focus is the cost of the KPI Analyzer App versus traditional As-Is Assessments using a financial ROI calculation and then helping you estimate the Total Business Value to your company. We also offer a Roundtable that includes seeing your actual data and a workbook for customers to understand how to internally calculate, in their own opinion, the Total Business Value of the App. Three sample questions, out of many, are:

  1. The app is automated and can be run in one day. What is the value to your business to accelerate SAP Landscape optimization or migration by months or even years?

  2. The app provides all the system maturity, benchmarks, custom code, usage, user, and even Tcode level detail that provides the starting point facts, not guesses or assumptions, for where you are today versus where you want to go tomorrow. This includes facts for business plans and budgets, for services planning, and even to enable your company RFQs and RFPs to increase Service Provider confidence for more competitive pricing. How could these values help lower the cost and risk in the optimization or migration process? What is the value to your company …or for competitive service offerings to customers?

  3. The app is sold as a license that allows repeated scans at no additional cost. IT can go through the migration phases (analysis, interpretation and pre-project, execution, and innovation) or the optimization phases using repeated one-day rescans updates to reduce regret or rework spending, provide project monitoring, and further accelerate the entire process. What is the value to your company …or for competitive service offerings to customers?

Want to learn more about how high the ROI of the KPI Analyzer can go in your company?

For Services Companies, want to know how high the Customer’s ROI can go …allowing you to improve your marketplace competitive advantage?

If you want to see all your actual As-Is KPI TCode usage data in one day, this costs you nothing using the West Trax Value Discovery method. Email or call me at: or 1-678-485-1687

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