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Alleviate Risk With Actionable Information: Tcodes Comparative Analysis As-Is Usage Assessment

West Trax KPI Analyzer As-Is Reports

Contributed by: John Brandes, KPI Analyzer Agent, West Trax | BTT

Business stainability requires a deep dive comparative analysis of Tcodes usage. Research shows 45% of the code in a typical customer’s SAP ERP system is custom code. Custom code is not covered under SAP maintenance and therefore vulnerable. In general, custom code cannot be managed using automated standard procedures.

This is an example of KPI Analyzer output data from an actual customer’s scan of custom Tcodes creation date and update:

West Trax KPI Analyzer Tcode report

Risk is in system productivity, cost, performance, and quality. Business continuity requires the output necessary to take action in all these KPIs.

The annual SAP Simplification List – electronic version – is integrated inside KPI Analyzer to quickly determine whether S/4HANA provides standard code that can replace custom code. Identifying and optimizing potential includes measures such as (1) assignment of in-house development to business process (2) analysis and cleansing of unused in-house development (3) cleansing and re-standardization of used in-house development.

KPI Analyzer Security Pathfinder configuration output provides transparency into a highly sensitive issue … people inside the SAP ERP with authorizations that can be used to modify critical objects to produce material misstatements and conduct fraud.

West Trax KPI Analyzer Report

The objective of this analysis is to identify objects available on an SAP production system that allow manipulation of completed financial table accesses. The ABAP parser in the Security Pathfinder config analyzes the main program and returns the result based on the location i.e. main program or include the main program.

Output shows you who accessed financial tables, which transactions were modified, and when to enable an investigation.

The output produced by KPI Analyzer and Security Pathfinder is generated in just 1 day, enabling customers to accelerate optimization to combat risk. Remember, the fully automated KPI Analyzer app alleviates human errors through its 100% automation. Download the example of actual data in the Security Pathfinder here.

KPI Analyzer output data compliments SAP Process Discovery business data. These should be the bedrock for SAP VLM business case creation. Ask SAP Value Engineers and Enterprise Architects how Tcode usage details can minimize risk for accurate budgets and plans.

If you want to see all your actual As-Is KPI TCode usage data in one day, this costs you nothing using the West Trax Value Discovery method. Email or call Rick Felt 262-215-3375

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