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Guiding Your Financial Security Journey

​At BTT, we introduce you to David Berry, the visionary owner of NomadCIO LLC and our Finance Security Chief Client Advocate. David's expertise extends far beyond conventional leadership — he's your trusted partner in navigating the intricate landscape of financial security.

Who is David Berry?

Dave is launching an urgent business initiative in the SAP ecosystem to drive sustainable finance security with audit Standards SAS 145 and ISA 315. Mr. Berry will provide leadership and insights to engage business and technology executives, customers, and technology teams to assess critical risks of material misstatements and fraud by people working inside SAP ERP systems. The West Trax | BTT team is driving this initiative across North America

Why the Security Pathfinder?

​NomadCIO, under David Berry's leadership, is not just a consultancy; it's a dynamic force reshaping how businesses secure their financial future. The Security Pathfinder initiative is your guide to unmatched financial security in the digital age.

SAP Investor Relations reports that 77% of the World's transaction revenues touch SAP systems. Yet discussions with North American CIOs, business executives, and SAP ASUG feedback, reveal a significant gap concerning December 2023 compliance with SAS 145 & ISA 315 requirements. The size of the risk is significant. Mr. Berry is a trusted team player who understands this critical issue for SAP customers to maintain a digital competitive advantage with system integrity.

Ready to Secure Your Future?

Connect with David Berry, our Finance Security Chief Client Advocate, and let NomadCIO be your guide in the ever-evolving landscape of financial security.


Meet David Berry:
Your Finance Security Chief Client Advocate

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Video: KPI Analyzer Security Pathfinder

This roundtable panel discusses the finance audit security disruption boiling up at organizations that run on SAP. Three experts share their opinion about how the KPI Analyzer Security Pathfinder, helps decision-makers control the disruption. The new security audit standards, require 2022 compliance. Learn how the risk is mitigated in this 10-minute roundtable video. 

Watch the video:

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White Paper - SAP ERP IAASB Security

What is the urgency of IT as it relates to the IAASB audit standard? To avoid failing the company audit. The risk and urgency are internally developed custom code that may include manual adjustments, interfaces into wrong accounts, and a significant percentage of code that is unused, old, and not updated for SAP ERP systems.

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