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Diana Bohr
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Diana Bohr
CTO, West Trax
Migration Assessment Expert

Academically trained computer scientist with international experience and success oriented entrepreneur with international focus. Her main focuses: ERP systems, business process analysis, modeling and optimisation.

As Director of Technology at West Trax, she is responsible for the development of analysis methodologies to increase the value added for companies when employing ERP systems (KPI scan, KPI optimizer, KPI QA and Benchmark Express). Under der leadership of Ms. Bohr, the individual analyses are coordinated and corresponding action models are developed for the customer. Additional focus: process benchmarking, profitability calculations for large German industrial companies as well as IT market research and intelligent databases.

Ms. Bohr leads expert lectures at customer events, renowned market research companies as well as events of the industry media.

Diana Bohr is co-founder of West Trax Germany Ltd and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of West Trax International.

Diana Bohr's LinkedIn Profile - Click Here

David Berry
Nomad CIO
Jim Villwock
Jim Villwock
CEO, Human Investment Advisory
HCM Expert

Jim Villwock serves as CEO and Founder of Human Investment Advisory, Inc. and is a strategic global business leader with more than 35 years of innovation and results in Fortune 500 and small-to-medium size businesses.

His current focus is answering the number one challenge for CEOs worldwide, as surveyed by The Conference Board, which is Human Capital. HIA offers solutions to close the gaps between the CEO/Board and their people. Closing the gaps results in transformative performance, agility, and alignment that lead to greater revenue, profit, and competitiveness. The secret of the new model is integrating new paradigms into a seamless integrated solution that includes top executives to entry-level employees.

Business Transformation Today (BTT), in collaboration with the SAP software company, is partnering with Human Investment Advisory to act as BTT’s HR Transformation Business Challenge Expert to help the C Suite measure their HR transformation gaps against market leaders, prioritize investments a company can use to overcome their challenges, and be the thought leader on the BTT/SAP HR Application Standards Review Team. HIA is also developing strategic applications for CEOs to define the business people requirements required to become game changers in their industry and for CEO and Board level metrics which support companywide implementation.

Jim Vilwock's LinkedIn Profile - Click Here

David Berry
Multi-industry Interim Chief Information and Technology Officer, NomadCIO
SAP Migrations Expert

An award-winning transformational Chief Information and Technology Officer who has dealt with technology and value-chain disruptions providing strategic direction and timely execution at world-class organizations in multiple industries. Awarded the coveted CIO 100 Award for outstanding ROI (415%) for integrating a $1B acquisition in under 1 year.

Recognized for business and technology transformations in multiple industries: Aerospace, Retail, QSR, Consumer Products, Food, Apparel, Cosmetics, High-tech, Software and Insurance - globally. Worked in 24+ countries, lived 15 years overseas. Notable accomplishments in: Bombardier, lululemon, Daymon Worldwide, HomeServe USA, ascena retail group, TOMS Shoes, Polycom, Coty, Burger King, Häagen-Dazs, Diageo, Dannon, Pepsico.

David Berry's LinkedIn Profile - Click Here

The In-Memory Apps Institute
SAP Apps Market
SAP Store

SAP Commissions West Trax to Conduct the SAP S/4HANA User Survey - Download the Infographic

Business Transformation Today Collaboration with SAP Cloud Platform Team

BTT helps SAP customer decision-makers, and their teams, enhance organizational value to adapt quickly to avoid competitive disruption. Integration values of SAP Cloud Platform are key to BTT’s partnership with West Trax. The West Trax Super Über Assessment App release, running on SAP Cloud Platform, drives cost-effective automated migration assessments for SAP HANA and S/4HANA.

BTT "What If" Configurator
BTT "What If" Configurator
BTT's "What If" Configurator

Each BTT dashboard’s “What If” configurator simplifies collaboration, to assess gains from services and apps.

BTT’s Automated Migration Assessment Expert maintains the assessment dashboard's benchmarks. “What If” dashboard gauges show “As Is” benchmarks in each specific industry. When migration assessments are completed, the dashboard shows a customer’s position vs. measured best practices in each KPI segment.

The “what if” configurator in the HR dashboard, provides expected gains produced by apps and services for specific business challenges on SAP’s digital business framework.

Extensible Apps for SAP
Extensible Apps for SAP

Are you on the Line of Business management problem-solving team? The speed at which these things are happening is more dramatic than ever before.

That’s why a simple quick link to a relevant app’s details is provided inside each “what if” gauge on BTT’s interactive dashboard. The direct link simplifies your journey with the right information at the right time, in the SAP Apps Center.

Do you produce extensible apps for SAP solutions?

Place your apps in the BTT Dashboard's online configurator, today! 

Learn why and how it works.

The BTT Dashboard with "What If " Configurator for Extensible Apps
BTT "What If" Configurator
BTT Metrics Resouces
HCM Benchmark Metrics
West Trax Logo white
The Key to Our Model

BTT's dedicated and committed approach to extensively research the data that powers our "Business Challenges" that form the In-Memory Apps Institute's Dashboards, are to ensure that SAP Partners and VAR's have the most up-to-date and best quality data available. 

Migration Assessment Benchmark Metrics​

BTT's partnership with West Trax provides our valuable dashboard for Automated Migration Assessments on the journey to SAP HANA and SAP S/4HANA. West Trax KPI assessment benchmarks are provided for 15 industry segments. These benchmarks include measured best practices from more than 1640 actual assessments - the deepest set of migration assessment benchmarks on the planet.

  • Maturity KPI Pyramid

  • Degree of Standardization KPI

  • Unused Standard Potential KPI

  • Custom Code KPI

  • Unclogged Custom Code KPI

  • Custom Code Frequency KPI

  • Custom Code Performance KPI

  • Custom Code Documentation KPI

Additional ERP Maturity Level KPI's include:

  • At Risk

  • Static

  • Improvable

  • Future Oriented

  • Innovative

This Fall, BTT will launch additional benchmark dashboards for SAP S/4HANA Finance and more pillars on the SAP Digital Business Framework. 


Contact us here for more details.

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