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West Trax KPI Analyzer

SAP Certified and built on the SAP Business Technology Platform. Customers of SAP use the app to run the Deep Dive Analysis in 1 day!


99% Reduction in Time to Value

Cost-effective West Trax automated migration assessment methodology can typically save an SAP customer up to 99% in time to value and >70% costs reduction spent in months of Face-to-Face workshops.

Based on award winning West Trax Maturity Model®.

With the KPI Scan® methodology, the actual use of SAP® systems by end users will be transparent, including vulnerabilities existing in the operating and business processes.

Your Bridge To Digital Excellence

The KPI Analyzer is usable for the entire customer journey. It continuously provides an objective determination of the ''As-Is'' situation and clear client actions to be taken to achieve desired goals and benefits. Resulting projects can be carried out with reliable Business Cases based on facts.

KPIs and Benchmarks

The KPI Analyzer automatically measures specific KPIs regarding the usage of your SAP system and delivers up to date comparison Benchmark data. It is based on the West Trax KPI Scan® methodology and the award winning West Trax Maturity Model®.

Measure the Maturity of grown SAP systems

The maturity level is determined in terms of its future readiness and the likely benefits of investments in new technologies and projects. It helps to identify necessary steps that create value for clients' business by optimizing system usage and establish sustained future readiness.

Visualize Business Processes Support by SAP S/4HANA

Usage data is mapped on a 5-Level Business Process Hierarchy that allows comparisons of systems, clients and company codes. A Fit/Gap analysis to S/4HANA helps to understand and measure impacts for migration projects and to quantify project efforts and required resources.

Identify Unnecessary Custom Code

The analysis of usage of custom code helps to identify code that delivers value today and/or in future and identifies unnecessary custom code that does not need to be migrated and reduce project time and effort. All details available through table exports.

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Power in Numbers


% Reduction in Time to Value


Great than 70% cost reduction


Level Business Process Hierarchy

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