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Webcast Sessions With Live Q&A

The Risk: Employees & contractors are already inside, doing their daily work with access to manipulate critical objects in your system.


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The webinar provides live Q&A at all sessions. Registration includes our Security Pathfinder White Paper.

Register to learn about these key elements at the Webinar:

  • Revised audit Standards by the IAASB and AICPA, to be prepared, or risk failing your audit and quarterly SEC certifications

  • Fraud and collusion due to modifications of custom or standard code in your SAP system, by employees and contractors

  • The revolutionary automated KPI Analyzer Security Pathfinder app’s benefits, and how  use it to mitigate risk and fraud

  • Security Pathfinder contributions to SAP’s sustainability initiative … for Social Responsibility, Circular Economy, and Climate Action

  • Lumen remediation services offered through TTM, Lumen’s partner are vital to alleviate the risk and leverage ESG sustainability

To learn more about the KPI Analyzer Security Pathfinder offers, White Paper, and papers about fraud disruptions, visit the Business Transformation Today Security Pathfinder page.

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