Top 5 Reasons to Automate Your Migration Assessment

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

Top 5 benefits to use the West Trax Assessment KPI Analyzer - The Innovation App

Digital Innovation is all around us and businesses need to think quickly before the next Uber takes a bite out of taxi cab companies or the next Amazon revolutionizes the retail industry. Now, the future is here for "Big Data" and "IT Services" companies as they prepare for a Migration Assessment. The West Trax KPI Analyzer - The Innovation App, strives to eliminate months of excruciating migration assessment work required before the decision can be made to migrate an SAP System to SAP S/4HANA. Just as important, the app eliminates >70% of the Face2Face assessment workshop process.

Here are the "Top 5" reasons why you should consider the West Trax Assessment KPI Analyzer Innovation App built on SAP Cloud Platform:

#1 - Eliminate the Lengthy Face2Face Interviews

The adage remains true and even more-so today: Time is money. Companies look to become even more streamlined in their day-to-day operations and understand how their employees can be even more efficient in their time management. When considering and discovering the health and security of a company’s data systems, it has been necessary for IT professionals to sit with employees to begin their analysis. This is typically not a one-time meeting and occurs frequently over the course of a 9 to 12 month process.

West Trax, with their KPI Analyzer App eliminates the need for these Face2Face (F2F) discovery meetings. In fact, the whole process, which used to take up to 1-year and included multiple F2F meetings, can be done in as little as 1-business day across all modules in your system with drill down in all locations.

All you need is a license, one meeting to understand the app, and assuming you know more than me, you're done! It really can be as easy as the flip of a switch.

#2 - No More Questionnaires!

Ok, maybe one, but I promise it'll be short and easy. We're being serious though. Just like the F2F meetings this is another time-consuming chore that could be pushed off and further delay your migration process. Typically involved in the discovery process your teams need to fill out lengthy questionnaires about your system to turn into the IT Services team who have other questionnaires they review and then, just like this sentence, you'll have to wait until yours is reviewed and completed. It's another lengthy and costly experience. Now imagine if you have more than one system that needs to be migrated. What if you have 5? 10? Can you afford to have your IT teams buried under mountains of questionnaires?

The West Trax KPI Analyzer App provides instructions about the data that a customer needs to prepare and how to insert it into the transport mechanism for the cloud app. See? That's not so bad and it takes a lot less time (by weeks) than a traditional migration assessment.

#3 - Less Workshops, More Productivity

Have you identified the connective theme in the first two reasons? Yup, it's time and productivity. Traditional migration assessments also include hours and hours of workshops for customers to attend. This is just another step in the discovery of your system to learn where the security risks and flaws in your system lie. Meanwhile, your competitors that started this process one year ago are ready to migrate their to SAP S/4HANA. So now you're really behind the curve.

What if you could catch up in an instant? Well, again, that's where West Trax comes in. What your competitor took a year to discover, you can discover in 24-hours. While their employees sat in hours and hours of workshops, your company simply used the West Trax SAP Cloud Platform app. It really is as simple as that and saves from the time-consuming and costly workshops.

#4 - Say Goodbye, Lengthy 200+ Page PowerPoints

This one is all about the money $$$. Look, we're not saying there is not plenty of good data and information in those lengthy PowerPoints that your IT Services group sent you. What we are saying is that you don't need to spend more money to pay for it. Remember, time is money. When your IT teams need to comb through a 200+ page PowerPoint to find the information they need to continue to assess your SAP system, that racks up the billable hours, and quickly.

All of this can be found, completed and done with the app. Call it shameless marketing, but West Trax is really looking to help you out here. If you are the one cutting the checks, this one should be important to you.

#5 - Cut the Risk of Human Error

This is a big one. Imagine, for a second, that a multi-national bank was in the middle of massive data migration. However, in the process of their assessment one of their employees or maybe a whole team from a small division that handles some of its biggest clients, such as a government agency or even your tech business, made a mistake. What if the decimal point moved one spot to the left or the right? What if, in that assessment, a bug is over looked? How many SAP systems does your company have again? Imagine how devastating that mistake could be. Employees are great assets and the lifeblood of any corporation. However, we are prone to mistakes.

Nothing is perfect. Everything and everyone has room for improvement. If you could eliminate the risks involved in a migration assessment, would you? Of course, you would. The West Trax KPI Analyzer Innovation App can do just that. This is an automated cloud-based app. No need to worry about the cat walking on your laptop while you're working from home. Forget the distractions from spilling your morning coffee on your lap. Need to pick up your kid from school unexpectedly in the middle of your assessment discovery work? Had a fight with your significant other or maybe you're just having a bad day? Mistakes happen all the time. So why not cut the risk?

Digital Innovation is here: save time, cut the costs, eliminate risks. Discover the West Trax KPI Analyzer - The Innovation App.

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