Don't Make a $2.5 Millon Mistake

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

Accelerate Time-to-Value & Reduce Budget Constraints

How would you like $2+ million? This is a rather simple question I’m sure we’ve all said to ourselves at least once. I know I have. Unfortunately, I’m not able to offer cold hard cash. However, I do have a way that you can save your company $2 million (or more). This isn’t a magic bullet, but it might be the next best thing.

We all know how expensive technology can be. We also know that when you get a new phone, computer, server, database, or even a system update it can take a while. Well what about a migration of your ERP system? What about migrating to SAP S4/HANA or SAP HANA? I’ll save you the research to answer that question. It can take as long as 25 months, or 2+ years, or 750 DAYS; I hope your competitors haven’t already started!

So, how can you save $2+ million in migration costs and cut 8 months or more from your migration timeframe effectively beating your competition? Two words: West Trax. One Solution: The KPI Analyzer App.

In a time of innovation, we like to call this SAP certified app “the innovation app.” Yes, maybe it’s a bit on the nose, but when it comes to saving time and money can you afford to be anything less? Look, it’s simple, this is about the assessment that is necessary to plan your migration. You can spend 90 days in an innovation workshop, 120 days in a strategy workshop, and 150 days in an individual workshop all while spending somewhere around $800k. With West Trax, the assessment is automated and takes just1 day at a quarter the price. To over simplify, 1 day is less than 360 and $200k is less than $800k. But wait, there’s more! You had to know that was coming, right? All that time you’ve saved to analyze your system and understand your risks, to learn what you need to do to migrate, reduces your other costs and time efforts. Plus, the automated assessment mitigates risk of errors that always occur in manual assessment workshops.

Code optimization and process mining are reduced to simple housekeeping matters. Your project plan is already set to go and simply needs to be written up. Your migration execution time is reduced, and the costs are down simply because it requires less physical man hours to perform. Combing through the piles of code and the numbers is reduced to a simple app that doesn’t take much more time than managing your email inbox on your phone. This is a full deep dive of your SAP system. You are provided a full view of your system through benchmarks collected from over 1,640 companies across 15 industries. Understanding your “as-is” system and creating the bridge for your “to-be” system means saving time and money during your migration process.

While I wish I could give you $2 million right now, I can help you become the genius behind your SAP S/4HANA migration. Yes, this is unconventional, and change can be scary, but remember your last Uber trip? What about your last Grub Hub order? Or maybe when you placed an order at that little company called Amazon for your loved ones over the holidays? Your smartphone and tablet that you may be reading this on? Sometimes it takes just one inquisitive email or phone call. You don’t have to do it for the cost savings, or for the efficiency. Just don’t blame me when your competitors steal your customers.

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