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West Trax Alliance

A West Trax analysis provides reliable migration assessment facts. The App does this across all modules in the ERP system with drill down in all locations. This ensures your project success and economic operation! 

The alliance serves SAP customers on the journey to SAP S/4HANA. Since 2002, more SAP customers rely on West Trax automated migration assessments to cut time and costs by 70% and mitigate risks. The decision to move to SAP HANA and S/4HANA are made by the C-Suite and BTT West Trax analytic dashboards provide an assessment simulator in 15 different industries.

West Trax KPI Analyzer - The Innovation App:

WT Silver.png
BTT Alliances Plans

SAP Certified and built on the SAP Business Technology Platform. Customers of SAP use the app to run the Deep Dive Analysis in 1 day! See it in the SAP App Store.

Assessment results are ported into SAP Signavio, eliminating the need for 9 - 12 months of assessment workshops.

BTT Partnerships

HIA Business Transformation Advisory Begins Partnership with West Trax/BTT

HIA is a leading expert team with West Trax providing ROI expertise and related content in the Due Diligence Virtual Discovery Value Roundtable. Our partnership can help accelerate the road to migration while delivering ROI expertise. Learn more!


Straten Consulting Partners
with West Trax/BTT

Straten Consulting is a long-time SAP developer partner with SAP consulting expertise. They provide the resources for the KPI Analyzer Demo operations in North America. Watch for Straten's launch of the Integrategy App for KPI Analyzer and SAP Signavio. About Straten Consulting


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